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S. Peter:8 years ago was the time when I decided to start learning music especially playing the saxophone with no grounding in music at all. Browsing the teachers nearby I found Mr. István Botz alias my Best Choice in the matter.  He is expert in playing clarinet and – my luck – teaching students too. However, our preference is other in the music since he likes classical music but I wanted to learn more popular music such as ‘60s, ‘70s and popular jazz he was able to lead me on the way with incredible patience and tolerance regarding my other tasks to do during the years if I was unable to get well prepared until the next class. Nowadays I have open gigs with my playing often in front of large audience and I even play music abroad as a busker in public places. That is my story. I strongly advise him if you are seeking for friendly, flexible and professional music teacher.

Sz. Péter: “It is no accident that I call him “My” Master. Not only because of his Professional skills – this can be exepted from a Professional classical musician – but because of his method of teaching…

He can always show me the way to the right sound, and he is infinetly patient.

The correction never sounds like criticism from his mouth.. He is very constructive in the communication with his students. He is not only a very good teacher, he is also a very good person.”

N.Peter: “The saxophone is the instrument I always wanted to learn. István Botz gave me the superb
opportunity to start playing the instrument of my choice. His lessons are extremely well
structured, making you motivated and enthusiastic about the whole learning experience.
The one-on-one lessons make the classes more personalised, adjusting the material to the
needs of the student. Basic music theory is learned in an enjoyable way, while at the same
time progressing steadily with the instrument playing. For me it is a rewarding experience to
learn the saxophone especially with István. I can only recommend him.”

F. Akos:Humour. Professionalism including Patience and Support. I do not need more from my music teacher. Highly recommended. Even if you are a senior beginner

B. Krisztián: “In November 2019 my long-held dream became a reality, I had started to look for a clarinet teacher. I’d found István multiple times on the internet and then I gave it a go. I didn’t have to look any further, we were soon on the same page. For me a teacher should have a good sense of humor, be an expert, be motivating, be adaptive to the student’s needs. These are all Botz qualities! István has been helping me to stay on the ever challenging and technical paths of learning to play the clarinet for more than a year now. I’d recommend him to anyone without hesitation!”

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