Private musicteachers Budapest
Barna Bianka

I’m a guitar teacher. I’ve been plucking strings for almost 20 years. Would you like to learn how to play this instrument? I’d be happy to help you!

In 2020, I received my classical guitar artistic diploma both in the field of interpretation and teaching. During the years of university, I also managed to study abroad, so no worries over speaking Hungarian, having the classes in English is totally fine by me. Over the past years I’ve collaborated with many students playing and learning the guitar through various styles and levels.

I believe that there’s no age limit if it comes to music, so I’m happy to work with anyone let it be children to adult. My goal is to provide my students a technical knowledge through creative tasks. I’d like to show and teach you a lot of music and compositions from different styles and music era. Besides studying music theory, we also improvise, enabling you to compose your own pieces. Helping your creativity to find its path is among my main goals.

The classes are either in the center of Budapest or online. If you are ready to play music with me, please let me know.

Furthermore, if you’d like to get a bit more familiar with my work, feel free to check out the youtube channel at the link below:

I hope we’ll play music together soon!