Private musicteachers Budapest
István Nyakas
Flute teacher, flutist

Hi, I’m Steve. Let me introduce myself: I am a flute teacher in one of Budapest’s music school. I absolved the Music Academy in Cluj (Romania) and I was first flutist of the Hungarian Operahouse Orchestra in the mentioned city.

If you would like to learn playing the flute, or you are already playing this instrument,I can offer you pleasant, ,joyfull flutehours for beginners too, and with advanced ones we could play chamber music also. At the beginning the pupils hase to learn: -how the flute works, the correct way to assemble the flute, understand how the sound is produced, correct stance and hand positions, understand the significance of practicing efficiently, good embouchure formation,basic breath control, ability to start and finish notes in the correct manner, have a good warm-up technique based on long notes etc.
Learning to play a musical instrument brings the greatest happyness in everyone’s life, I think.

Available langueges: hungarian, english, french, romanian