Private musicteachers Budapest
Enikő Gyenge
Pianist, piano teacher

I am a piano teacher and a music historian who has exercised both fields for years as a private tutor as well. I studied at the Music Academy of Kolozsvár (Cluj) and the University Miséricorde of Fribourg (Switzerland).
Piano teaching has accompanied my whole career: I taught at music schools, music secondary schools, high schools and have had private pupils.
At the moment I work as the music editor of a recording company. It is a great challenge for me to combine piano teaching with transmitting the knowledge of the history and theory of music for which there is generally a great interest in all age groups. To play the piano, to be able to perform our favourite songs is a great joy and a life-long hobby. You can play on the piano – as your knowledge increases – a short melody, its accompaniment or even an orchestral work, a complete score. It is never too late to start or start anew. I am expecting your call.