Private musicteachers Budapest
Tamás Végh
Trumpetist, trumpet teacher

Maurice André:
* If I play four or five hours at home, I can easily play an hour-long concert. My lips remain fresh the entire time.
* From a musical point of view, it must be said that they need to be a bit more musical and take their time to make music. I want them to pay more attention to the attacks, the vibrato.
* You must not forget that the lip is a muscle and it must be treated with care all of one’s life. I massage with (warm water in the) shower then with butter. It’s the vitamin C in butter that is wonderful.
* I built my staccato like the piano: my low register with the warmth of the cello; lyrical melodies like the violin; running notes like the clarinet.
Reasons for taking lessons:

  • Progress at your own rate without direct competition.
  • Find your creative voice
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment.
  • Improve your knowledge and skills.
  • Learn responsibility.
  • Clear up misconceptions.
  • Solve technical difficulties.
  • Learn how to practice.
  • Learn how to solve problems in general.
  • Cope with frustrations and anxiety.
  • Develop concentration.
  • Trompetist of the Danube Symphony Orchestra