Private musicteachers Budapest
Vivien Járvás
Cello teacher

I am an accomplished cellist with more than 19 years of cello playing. I attended Music University with a Master degree as a cello teacher. I used to play in hungarian orchestras, like a principal cellist and also as a tutti cellist. I am working as a music school cello teacher.
My experience in teaching is to give comprehensive cello lessons to elementary-, and high school students and to enthusiastic adults whilecultivating an environment that stimulates increasing and ongoing musicappreciation. As a fervent advocate of public school music education, I have the ability to coach and mentor students to successfully pursue music-related opportunities in the future.
Consider the following highlights of my qualifications:
– Developing several techniques of cello playing, musicnotes reading, knowledge of cello repertoire – Detecting, uncovering, and encouraging music talent instudents from diverse backgrounds
– The most important thing for me are those to bring the classical music closer to my students and make it enjoyable and usable in their future.
Teaching place: I could come to teach in your home or you could come to my home in Szentendre which is near to Budapest (30 min), and I could teach online also.
I am confident in my ability to significantly contribute to the success of yours or your child/children objectives.
Furthermore if you or your child/children would like to rent or buy a cello for study, I would like to recommend the excellent quality cellos and string instruments, which belongs to László Szentgyörgyi,
Please call his number: +36 30 948 0881