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Clarinetist Botz István, a native of Romania I have distinguished myself in chamber music, orchestral and contemporary performance. I am the clarinetist of the Danube Symphony Orchestra in Budapest , saxophone and clarinet teacher .
 Any serious student needs the guidance of a professional  private clarinet teacher. Like a clarinet teacher  I regulary provide exercises and music written especially for each student's musical needs, as traditional music/exercise training books do not always provide all the musical tools for each student's individual musical growth. Focus on the aspects of clarinet sound production, technique, classical and jazz improvisation from beginners to the more advanced. All ages and ability levels are welcome.

I will teach my students the fundamentals and skills required for playing his/her instrument. Embouchure, along with air support, determine the tone quality that is produced on a clarinet. It is my goal to encourage them to increase in their musical knowledge and playing abilities. In order to see improvements, I expect my students to practice daily at clarinet. I will give them an assignment at each lesson for them to prepare for the next lesson. On occasion, I may hand out a practice chart for them to record the  practice times. As they keep track of this time, they will be able to see some progress and benefits of daily practice in the clarinet technique!
How to play clarinet properly, how  to  develop an accurate clarinet staccato how to get at clarinet altissimo notes? There are problems wich could be resolved with a good clarinet teacher.

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I look forward to helping my students enjoy playing clarinet! Renting rather than purchasing band instruments is one option available to all. So, take a look at what we have to offerwww
Available languages: hungarian, english, french, romanian

István Botz - clarinet teacher

Cell: +3670-330-4386

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