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finished my studies like a Master of Art in Music in the Conservatory of Debrecen. I have teaching recorder (Blockflöte) for ten years. My students won several prizes on music competitions. I play and teach the all parts of the recorder’s family (sopranino recorder, sopran recorder, alt recorder, tenor recorder and bass recorder). Playing recorder is a very useful and a great experience for children from the age of 6 and also great for adults too. Every student is able to play easy childrensongs and classical pieces on the Recorder by the end of the firts year, and every student get acquainted with the basic of solfeggio.
The recorder is a very popular instrument among the composers therefore there are many pieces of music from the baroque music to modern music.
All age are welcome on my child- and music-centered Recorder lessons!

 So, take a look at what we have to offerwww musicteacher.hu

Available languages: hungarian, english.

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 master of art in music and basoon and recorder teacher

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