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I completed my Master of Arts degree (Cum Laude) in solo harpist/chamber musician in June 2007 at the renowned Franz Liszt Music Academy, Budapest, Hungary. I also have a Bachelor of Arts degree in piano – as I completed 6 semesters of piano at the Academy. I studied the piano starting at age 5. I believe one important aspect of being a great teacher is to have excellent organization skills, which includes lesson planning, gathering appropriate materials, and ensuring that all types of assessment are completed in a timely manner. I feel these are all strong points of mine. I am confident that my skills and enthusiasm will be a great positive benefit to your learning process.
Since 2005 I have worked in several teaching positions as a substitute harp teacher, where I have enjoyed meeting and working with different people from various national and cultural backgrounds. I have had wonderful, successful experiences teaching children from age 5 up to middle school students in the age range 14-17. However age cannot be a barrier between music and those, who willing to explore the wonderful, enthralling world of music.
So, feel free to call in order to discuss it further. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience – or today:) I teach from complete beginner to ABRSM Grade 8 or Diploma. Preparation for Trinity Exam is also available. Both lever/Irish/Celtic and pedal harp lessons at one central location, at the heart of Budapest. Fluency in English and Russian.

 Szabó Lara Ágnes

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e-mail: music@musicteacher.hu