Born in 1970 at Budapest, gradueted in1993-ban at "Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészetii Főiskola" Budapest. In present: playing the principal horn at Danube Symphonic Orchestra Budapest
 As a teacher, it is my duty to not only help students learn to express themselves musically, but also to help them develop proper technique so they are free to make music. As such, I feel it is extremely important for students to develop good playing habits as early as possible. I am very detailed in my approach to lessons and will strive to help students learn to hear the small nuances that can separate a good player from a great one.In present  I am  playing french horn in the Danube Symphony Orchestra Budapest.
All ages welcome, though children should be 9 and over.

Ability Levels: Beginners to Advanced. Much experience in teaching (from beginners to University level).

Available languages: hungarian, german, english. So, take a look at what we have to offer  :  www.

Rebe Attila horn teacher


horn teacher

Tel: +3670-330-4386


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