Private music lessons
is a new site that has been established to allow music teachers in Budapest area to advertise their services. is a leading music network, connecting the public with private music teachers. All ages and ability levels are welcome.

Research has indicated repeatedly that the study and daily practice of music has a dramatic impact on many areas of learning and growth, not to mention the intrinsic joy that it brings to one’s life. Musical instrument lessons are a great activity for children. They encourage creative thinking, develop math and reading skills, and improve students’ overall educational progress, as well as building a fun life-long skill.
Individual lessons are usually sixty minutes in length, with the teacher working one-on-one with a student. Individual lessons provide a high degree of personal attention for a student.

Music and Instruments: Students taking piano lessons must have a real piano at home on which to practice. Obtaining instruments and music suggested by the teacher are the responsibility of the parents/student. The rental or the achievement of some instruments may be arranged with the teacher. Please visit our music shop.

Beginning Ages for Lessons: Beginning ages for instrumental study varies from one instrument to another. Specific ages are indicated below with each instrument family. Students may also begin the study of an instrument at an older age. The study of some larger or more difficult instruments typically begin at a later time; students may be encouraged by their teachers or directors to consider a change to one of these instruments at some point. Lessons on piano,violin, viola, guitar, recorder, drum and cello begin in the 1st grade. However, several factors should be considered: the child’s physical development, particularly the size and dexterity of the hand, his/her ability to read, to practice alone, and overall adjustment to school. Depending upon these factors, waiting until 2nd grade may be a better decision. Students must have a full-size acoustic or digital piano for practicing. Lessons onflute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, horn, saxophone, trumpet begin in the 4th grade. Private voice lessons begin on 18 years old. Please contact the teacher.The rental or the achievement of some instruments may be arranged with the teacher (please visit our music shop). Lessons on double bass begin in the 4th grade or when the child is large enough to handle the instrument. Students interested in playing the double bass may want to consider beginning on the cello, moving to the bass later. All string instruments size must be carefull choosed depending from the players hand/body.
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